Within this page, we make available a set of tools that support the development of a more accessible Web. These tools are a complement of our Test Suites. In case you have any queries about our tools, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Test Case Description Language version 1.1

The Test Case Description Language (TCDL) is an XML-based language defined by BenToWeb to store metadata for the test cases in the test suites. For each individual test cases, it describes:

TCDL is defined as a W3C XML Schema and uses the namespace The XML Schema is available at and contains detailed documentation. Some brief descriptions of the components can be found in the RDDL file of the TCDL 1.1 namespace.

Test Case Description Language version 2.0

The Test Case Description Language version 2.0 is an XML vocabulary for describing test files, intended to be included in test suites for user interface guidelines such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. It is an adaptation of the version 1.1, to be used by the WCAG 2.0 Test Samples Development Task Force (TSD TF) from W3C, where our work is being migrated. The main references are:

Accessibility compliance testing modules

These modules provide advanced functionalities for Web accessibility compliance, which can be integrated in different testing tools. The first module is DeLite, a simplicity language analysis module developed by FernUniversität in Hagen to analyse Web Resources. The developed prototype offers a wide variety of functionalities in German and English. FernUniversität in Hagen is looking for partnerships to covert it into a fully commercial product. Market applications are Web authoring tools, Content Management Systems and Evaluation and Repair Tools for the Web.

Additionally, the Web Compliance Center of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT has developed a set of advanced compliance modules to test:

These modules will be integrated in the next version of the imergo® Web Compliance toolkit. imergo® is also commercialized in many countries by RedDot Solutions AG under the name of Web Compliance Manager.


The user testing framework to analyse the developed Test Suites has two major components: Parsifal and Amfortas. Both components are highly tailored to the selected back-end supporting tools like CVS, Apache Cocoon, Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server, and especially, TCDL, the Test Case Description Language. Parsifal is an innovative usability tool that aims to support accessibility and usability experts, who may not have a technical background, to access the TCDL metadata of the test case itself and the corresponding test files. Furthermore, the tool allows the expert to design testing scenarios with questionnaires, which are then automatically filtered and parsed by Amfortas –the online back-end– for online testing. BenToWeb partners are seeking for partnerships that will allow the generalisation and further development of these applications to the Web usability domain for online testing.

In the following weeks, we will offer anonymous CVS access to an Open Source version of Amfortas, subject to the BenToWeb license.


December 10th, 2007: The project has officially ended as of September 30th, 2007. The project results have been successfully evaluated by the European Commission. The official end of the project does not imply the end of this Web site, and the BenToWeb partners will continue the update of relevant information periodically.