A page with a German sentence that contains an English acronym. The English expansion of the acronym is provided in the title attribute of the acronym element, which also has a lang attribute with the value "en" for English. Correct language identification for English acronym in German text Christophe.Strobbe@esat.kuleuven.be en Copyright BenToWeb 2004-2007 2005-09-01 draft Specifying the language of content: the lang attribute

This test case is intended to pass because the language of the (English) expansion of the acronym is correctly identified.


If you do this test with a screen reader and speech output, the screen reader needs to support English and German.

Can you determine the language of each passage in the text? Or if you use a screen reader with speech output, is each passage spoken in the correct language?

The browser can determine the natural language of the acronym in the document.